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Animation – We make moving images

video & animation, London
Edmund WardBy Edmund Ward 4 years ago
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We make moving images – Video and animation

We’ve been around for 11 years and in that time have worked with clients such as Ogilvy Healthcare, Weber Shandwick, Edelman and the Cabinet Office.

One of our most popular products in that time has been videos for new business pitches. What’s that? Put simply, this is a video or animation that provides a powerful emotive advertisement for you, your product and company. Guaranteed to break the death by Power Point factor that plagues many business presentations.

Increasingly many business to business products are becoming more abstract, or could be termed as soft or even intangible.

Our new business videos offer a fun platform for difficult to grasp sales concepts, illustrated with animation, music and real world examples.

If you work in business to business communications and are having a hard time pitching your unique insights to your dream clients – we’ll be happy to help.

We make moving images.

  Animation, Design
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