The importance of a brand

17 January 2013 on Branding by admin

We’re a full service design and creative agency, which means we’ll do pretty much anything so long as it involves getting creative with corporate communcations.

At egglab our aim is to convince new clients that even the smallest improvement of your company’s look can invigorate you, your clients and your sales. It doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel and it needn’t cost an arm and a leg.

How so? Well take as an example your logo. We know its a big deal to change this. But like it or not, design becomes dated and in turn, so can your companies identity (in a bad way).

We will offer to take a look at this and see how we can improve upon it. This may include looking at a new type face, tweaking brand colours, or even a re rendering of your existing logo. We call this process, ‘the brand health check’ and (drum roll) we offer a free consultation, plus free draft designs. Sound good? Pick up the phone or email us. We’re mere inches from our work-stations, eager to please.

  • Sarah Murphy
    257 days ago - Reply

    Getting the branding of a business right is crucial. Good branding can play a large part in gaining the trust of the general public. Creating a positive reputation in the eyes of the public can play a large part in the growth of a business sector. Advertising also plays an important role in Corporate Branding.

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