Film & Video

gusUsing the latest video editing and production tools, Egglab has produced corporate video presentations for a number of clients, including London based PR agencies Chandler Chicco and Ogilvy Health PR. Our video editing facility uses the very latest production tools, which enable streamlined video production and unsurpassed video editing speeds.

twlLondon is unique in offering the best professionals and facilities in the UK. We specialise in fast turnaround, creating productions that provoke an emotional response. We both source and create footage, with access to great low price stock libraries, and very reasonably priced crew. Egglab will offer you a video production that falls well within budget.

csWe work with exceptional professionals. We source tried and tested crews, including cameras, producers, sound, lighting and runners. We understand the importance of a crew that communicates well with our clients, carrying out their jobs in a polite, businesslike manner, through all aspects of the video production. We also recognise that a great shoot results in great video editing.

tick Video for corporate events and road shows
tick Story boarding and full consultation on production, locations and logistics
tick Filming, hire of crew and extras (if required)
tick Post production
tick Corporate videos
tick Music videos
tick Full HD cameras and editing facilities
tick Super 8 and 16mm (for that genuine film look)
tick High definition telecine (analogue film transfers) for digital editing
tick 3D animation