Egglab_Media_analogue_photo_chef_brick_laneWe’re not ones for simply offering our clients a zeitgeist technology for the sake of it. We like to consider the outstanding heritage of an art form like photography and make informed decisions as to the best format for the job in hand.

We offer digital photography and film-making using the outstanding Canon 5D MK II system, complimented by Adobe CS6 software products for image balancing and output. We also offer high resolution professional wet and dry scanning of analogue materials and are true advocates of analogue photography with its breadth of techniques, technologies and quirks. Don’t be surprised therefore if our back-up camera source is a medium format Mamiya and five rolls of 120 film.

Egglab_Studio_photographyAt Egglab we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude. Our studio set-up is entirely portable. We can come to you, or you can visit us. We offer portrait, product, landscape and fine art photography, using state of the art digital and analogue facilities.

Recent commisions include corporate portraits for GDF Suez (all shots done on location in Central London and Aberdeen) and product photography for UK based Wired Broadcast, who (in partnership with Viprinet) are innovating high speed wireless internet access via custom-built hubs.

Egglab Digital Photography_stopEven when there’s no money changing hands, we continue to photograph and document the world around us. Our creative photography brief is therefore very broad and a lifelong endeavour.

Please see a range of our creative photography and Polaroid manupultions on ‘Flickr’ by entering: into your browser or by following this link

tick Creative projects
tick Studio portraits, for corporate ID’s and communications
tick High resolution digital photography using the Canon 5D Mk II with RAW image balancing, processing and output using Adobe Photoshop
tick High resolution wet and dry scanning of traditional analogue materials, with film cleaning service and image restoration of archive images
tick 35mm and medium format fine art photography