Motion Graphics

coachEgglab has provided 2D and 3D animation solutions for a number of prestigious clients including the UK Cabinet Office, Ogilvy Health PR, Chandler Chicco Companies and IBM (OpenLogic), creating animated training manuals for rollouts of new software and intranet applications. Our animation portfolio ranges from interactive viral animations to 3D opening AVs for corporate events and bespoke web based applications.

mdfraFlash has historically been the backbone of our motion graphics portfolio. With the advent of smart devices however, there has been a drop in the demand for traditional Flash animation. We are now using tools such as Toon Boom for our 2D cartoon animations with After Effects (post production captioning and animated effects) for compositing into video. Our 3D animations are generated in Cinema 4D with post production in After Effects and editing in Final Cut.

Web animations now need to be HTML 5 compatible. We utilise a number of animation templates from J-Query libraries which we customise for standard images galleries, sliders and faders. Bespoke animations are handled using Hype and Adobe Flash – exporting as HTML 5 compatible scripts for input to HTML pages.


Jobs range from simple captioning and addition of title slates for videos to fully animated graphs, flow charts, 3D models, cartoons and character animations.

Recent commissions include a character animation infographic for a PR roadshow,  virtual 3D walkthroughs of exhibition spaces, 3D animated e-cards and After Effects-generated animations for web-based applications. Please see our portfolio page for further examples of our motion graphics work.  

tick Post production using Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion
tick Editing using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X, with full HD capabilities
tick 3D modelling and animation using Cinema 4D
tick 2D animation using Flash, Toon Boom and Adobe Illustrator