3D Modelling

Egglab_3D_renderingWe use Cinema 4D for our 3D modelling and animation. It offers a wealth of powerful tools that allow us to model just about anything our that clients require, with the added advantage of there being a huge volume of pre-made models available for download from the web. This creates significant savings in modelling time for us, which results in significant financial benefits for our clients.

We observe best practice in draft rendering times and editing short cuts, in order that we can get your work over and approved in the shortest possible time.

Egglab_3D_rendering_3We are frequently asked by clients to produce realistic biological renderings of human cells, skeletons, figurative dissections and diagrams. Our starting point is (if possible) to source appropriate models to work from and modify. If these are not available we will work from ‘primitives’ and ‘splines’ generating our models from scratch.

Great care is taken in displacing and warping objects in order to achieve the most convincing biological shapes, working from source photos and obtaining client approval throughout this modelling process. Realistic materials for the surfaces of our models are also extremely important to us and can frequently be the most time consuming aspect of the job. To our minds, if the client is willing to pay the extra to have their illustrations generated in 3D, then we owe it to them to ‘go that extra mile’ to achieve the finest results.

Egglab_3D_rendering_4_lrWe have worked on a large number of opening audio-visuals (AVs) for live corporate events over the years. These are designed to give your show an injection of energy, optimism and drive for both the speakers and delegates attending.

Prices for 3D opening AVs are not as high as you may think. With the development of super fast processors, drives and memory over the past ten years, combined with the huge variety of models available for download, what could have cost you £10,000 in the late nineties can now cost you as little as £2,000.

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