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egglab loves… illustration

5 Illustrators
Nathalie GuinamardBy Nathalie Guinamard 4 years ago
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Egglab loves… Illustration

A pick of five talented illustrators for your delight.

1. Philippa Rice

Illustrations to make your heart melt. Philippa Rice’s charming book “Soppy” is based on the artist’s relationship with her boyfriend.

2. David Ryan Robinson

Enter the wonderfully intricate world of David Ryan Robinson.

3. Giulia Ghigini

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Fall in love with creepy crawlies with Giula Ghigini’s gorgeous drawings. Selected for the 2013 AOI award.

4. Jonathan Chadwick


Jonathan Chadwick combines traditional engraving style illustration with contemporary elements to wonderful effect.

Liam Stevens

“Waiting” – My Robot Friend (feat. Jay Kauffman) from MakeMakeStudio on Vimeo. Beautiful hand drawn stop frame animation by Liam Stevens for My Robot Friend music video.

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